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Frome is a town that does things differently. It's a market town with an independent outlook, home to about 27,000 people and packed with independent businesses and creative, community activities.  

Regularly topping lists of great places to live, Frome has built a reputation as an attractive place to do business, and a town with a sustainability agenda.

It is more enterprising than the average town. About 15% of the UK workforce is self employed, but 27% of Frome's working residents are working for themselves.

There is an independent market each month showcasing a range of handcrafted and homegrown produce and products. The town has an active business community, a thriving town hall with an independent town council promoting 'flat pack democracy' and a sustainable agenda. There are regular farmers markets, a regular vegan market, dozens of independent shops, ecologically focused learning co-operatives, organic small holdings and market gardens, and big data analytics firms housed in super eco friendly high tech barns

This page celebrates some of the green goings on in Frome.

Gentle Street in Frome, Somerset
Gentle Street in Frome, Somerset

More trees please!

In March 2019, Frome Tree Group and Shared Earth Learning planted native trees by the river Frome. The native species trees were selected to benefit wildlife and enhance the environment. Frome Town Council provided free trees for this event. 

Community groups and schools can order free trees from the Woodland Trust, to plant in their local area - it's a great way to take a simple action to improve the future. Find out more here

This video shows what we planted on tree day, and some foraging tips

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