About Frome Blooms

Fresh-cut flowers

I cut fresh flowers from our cottage garden in Somerset. 

Beautiful bouquets

These seasonal flowers are made into beautiful hand-tied bouquets.


The bouquets are wrapped with love and sent by first class post.

Freshly cut bouquets

Frome Blooms bouquets are made of seasonal flowers freshly cut from our cottage garden in Somerset.

Frome Blooms - fresh flowers by post

Freshly cut flowers from a cottage garden in Frome, Somerset. 

I'm Jenny, and Frome Blooms is my online flower shop. Since January 2017 I've been growing a cut-flower garden in Frome (pronounced to rhyme with bloom), a charming market town in Somerset, south-west England.

I make bouquets to order. All the fresh flowers and foliage I use are home-grown and freshly-picked, and I don't use pesticides or artificial fertilisers. 

Frome Blooms bouquets are more informal and quirky than mass produced flowers, and many are strongly scented.

FromeBlooms is on Facebook and Instagram, and I blog about gardening at DoingThePlan.com

I'd welcome your feedback or comments. 

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