Welcome to Frome Blooms

This website began with a project to make a bouquet of homegrown flowers each day. 

It's become a site that shares news of green goings on in Frome, a Somerset market town

with an independent council and a sustainability agenda that has declared a climate emergency and aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Refuse Unconscious Consumption

A cheap and cheerful way to benefit the environment is to buy less stuff.  

The  'buyerarchy of need' suggests using what you have before buying something new.

It takes time, but saves money and can feel better than wasteful, debt-inducing shopping.

I am trying to spend less money on fast fashion, plastic wrapped produce and pointless tat, and more time smelling the roses and planting for the future. I love flowers, but I don't like the carbon footprint of imported bouquets.  For much of the year, homegrown flowers can outdo shop bought imports, and omegrown blooms can brighten the day without costing the earth.

The buyerarchy of need: Use what you have, and borrow, swap, thrift or make before you buy.
The buyerarchy of need: Use what you have, and borrow, swap, thrift or make before you buy.

A blog about plants and plans

Green news from Frome

Frome Tree Day 

In March, Shared Earth Learning and Frome Tree Group planted native trees by the river Frome, to benefit the local environment and community. This short video of the day explains what's been planted where, includes some foraging tips, and a recipe for Hawthorn brandy. 

More trees please!

Free Trees for communities

I've heard that the best best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the second best time is now. There's a great satisfaction in planting trees. They absorb carbon, enrich the landscape and provide a beautifully shady spot to sit in. 

Many local councils and environmental groups will help people plant trees in their local area. Community groups and schools can apply for free trees to enhance their environment

"For any community groups or schools interested in planting their own trees, you can apply for free tree packs from the Woodland Trust." said Frome Town Council.  

More info here: https://tinyurl.com/yx95q2bc 

Frome Tree Group

The Frome Tree Group are developing plans to plant many more trees. Join the Frome Tree Group on Facebook for more information.

Screenshot from Facebook about Frome Tree Day
Screenshot from Facebook about Frome Tree Day

Even More Trees Please


Town Council Meeting July 2019


The town’s trees and the River Frome took centre-stage at last night’s (27 July) Town Matters Committee meeting– which saw a packed room and plenty of excitement about how the town council can promote and enjoy our natural landscape.

The main discussion point was Frome’s treescape. In advance of the meeting, Councillors and the public were led on a fascinating guided walk by Duncan Scene, a local tree enthusiast, that viewed Frome’s oldest trees; this included a little known and rare, mature Elm. The discussion at the meeting included the cultural & environmental importance of town trees and the need to plant many more.

Ancient tree will be celebrated in town museum


Two projects to mark and celebrate an Ancient Copper Beech have started to take shape following discussions at the first meeting of Frome Town Council’s Town Matters committee.

“We had a very interesting and very passionate discussion about Frome’s trees” said Chair of the committee, Councillor Peter Macfadyen. “There was particular interest and support for two projects to celebrate the recently felled Copper Beech – so we’ve started work on these projects” added Peter.

saved copper beach tree timber 2016The first project will see a cross-section of the tree’s main trunk cut and preserved, then exhibited in the town’s museum. 


The second project will see a large section of the main trunk moved to one of the town’s parks so people can climb, sit and play on it. “A number of people at the meeting noticed that the trunk has a certain sea monster character to it” said Chris Stringer, the Council’s Environment Manager. “We’re hoping to enhance this by carving some features – and because of this we’re looking at a new home somewhere along the river, perhaps Rodden Meadow.”

If you’d like to find out more about either of these projects, please contact the Town Council.

“One of the other points made at the meeting was how important it is that people are kept informed and updated – and to help with this we’ve set up a ‘Trees in Frome’ mailing list” added Chris.

To sign up for these emails simply contact us at admin@frometowncouncil.gov.uk with your name and your email address. 

Shop local!

Sustainable skincare from purple pollen

Frome Independent market

On the first Sunday of each month, the Frome Independent market hosts independent craftspeople, designers, makers, food producers and vintage traders from the South West. 

Sustainable skin care

Purple Pollen offers hand crafted, environmentally friendly, gorgeous and effective skin care. Find their suitcase stall on Catherine Hill at the independent market. You can also buy the range online. 

A story so far...


Frome Blooms began as a blog about  a cottage garden in Frome. I moved here in 2017, and started making a daily bouquet of homegrown flowers - to celebrate the changing seasons. and get to know our new garden. 

In one year I made over 100 garden bouquets - you can see them at the Frome Blooms gallery.

I  started collecting vases and baskets from charity shops and car-boot sales, and learned how to weave willow baskets. 

Over time, Frome Blooms developed into a website that celebrates green-goings on in Frome, a market town that does things differently. Frome has an interesting history, an independent outlook and independent markets, and many of its residents are working towards a more sustainable future. There are sustainable flower farms, eco-enterprises, learning co-ops, and microgreen micro-businesses, making interesting things happen in this Somerset town. 

See my 'latest likes' for some of the best things I've found in Frome (so far).