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Welcome to Frome Blooms

A blog about green goings-on in Frome.

Frome is a market town in Somerset that does things differently. 

Today's bouquet

Equinox posy in hand-painted pot


Freshly picked posy of tete-a-tete narcissi, wallflower, muscari, hebe, bay and rosemary. In a hand painted vintage pot made in Mexico. 

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What's New?

Frome Tree Day

Blossom on a tree

Community Tree Planting  

Sunday 17th March 2019

Tree Day Video

Watch Shared Earth Learning and Frome Tree Group plant native trees by the river, and get a great recipe for Hawthorn brandy.

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A story so far...


Frome Blooms began as a blog about  a cottage garden in Frome. I started making a daily bouquet of homegrown flowers, to celebrate the changing seasons. There's over 100 so far - see them at the gallery.

Frome Blooms then developed into a website that celebrates green-goings on in Frome, a market town that does things differently. Frome has an interesting history, an independent outlook, and many of its residents are working towards a more sustainable future. 

There are sustainable flower farms, eco-enterprises and microgreen micro-businesses, making interesting things happen in this Somerset town. I hope to share some of the stories of green goings on in Frome - as well as blogging about my own cottage garden.

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